We are a leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

We are Microsoft Dynamics CRM certified Partner, and specialise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting, training, implementation and customisation. We are one of the fastest growing Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in the world. We have offices in Sydney, Australia and Shanghai, China. We are 100% dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, over the years our development team in Shanghai office has built a strong reputation of deep technical expertise and good record of developing complex Microsoft Dynamics CRM customisations and add-on.

We mainly focus on mid-sized businesses, because we believe Microsoft has the best technologies and solutions for them.

Why Us

  • We are a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.
  • We have built a wealth of experiences having worked with Dynamics CRM since 2005.
  • All our consultants and developers are fully accredited with Microsoft Dynamics CRM certificates.
  • We mainly focus on mid-sized businesses, so we understand the nature of such businesses.
  • Our unique implementation methodology has 100% success rate.
  • Our development team in Shanghai office has the experiences of building most sophisticated Dynamics CRM add-on.
  • Many certified Dynamics CRM partners outsource development works to us.
  • Most of all, we have a large list of satisfied customers.

Our Approach

17years of experience

9industry products

45happy new customers

We emphasise the importance of documentation, and believe solid design documents are the foundation of successful implementations. Therefore, we allocate a lot project time on creating them.

However, we also understand the natures of mid-sized businesses, so we use RAD (Rapid Application Development) and RIM (Rapid Implementation Methodology) to develop and deliver the solution to save you time and money.

So far, our success rate of such methodology is 100%.

Our People

All our Consultants and Developers are fully accredited with Microsoft Dynamics CRM certificates.

Our Management Team:

Peter Xu

General Manager

Peter has over 17 years CRM consulting and development experiences.

James Single

Lead Developer/Consultant

James has over 6 years software development experiences, and 9 years CRM development and consulting experiences.


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