XD Customer Portal

XD Customer Portal is built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Customer Portal Accelerator”, and specially for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and Windows Azure.

After linking XD Migration Manger and XD Customer Portal, immigration agents’ clients will be able to check and update Visa Applications, upload documents, schedule a service, register for an event and register for a follow-up service.

  1. Clients can check available events and register for them.
  2. Clients can check available times and schedule a service.
  3. Clients can check the progress of their Visa Applications, view notes, enter new notes and upload documents.
  4. Clients can register for follow-up services after getting the Visa.
  5. Clients can search the knowledge base for “questions and answers”, “visa application check lists” and “general information”.
  6. XD Customer Portal has extensive content management functions. Web administrator can directly edit web page content by login the Customer Portal web site.