XD Farm Manager

XD Farm Manager is farm management software specially designed for farmers, agronomists and contractors. It is the main component of XD Smart Farm Platform which is built on Microsoft Cloud Computing and commercial sensor technologies. It runs on both web and mobile.

XD Farm Manager records any physical events or activities of farming, attributes them to a location and a cropping period or season, and provides complete produce traceability.

It also has financial module to manage budget and actual. The Sales and Marketing module increase sales process efficiency and reduce overall costs.

XD Farm Manager Has Nine Modules

1. Farm Setup Module 

It has Company/Property, Seasonal/Stocks, Financial/Costs, Work Force sub-modules.

Company/Property: set the main components of XD Farm Manager.

Seasonal/Stocks: set the yearly (seasonal) components.

Financial/Costs: set cost allocation and budget details.

Work Force: Establish a work force of employees, machineries, implements and contractors.

2. Farm Operation Module

It has Administration, Process And Cartage, Operations sub-modules.

Any physical event or activity of farming will be recorded and attributed to a location and a cropping period or season.

3. Farm Monitoring Module

It has Rain Fall, Field Tests, Crop Production, Plant & Field Observations and Application Checking sub-modules.

4. Farm Results Module

It has Income Returns and Crop Results sub-modules.

5. Farm Mapping Module

It uses base image to generate layers, and then user can store specific types of information on different layers, for example, paddocks, vegetation, water courses, infrastructure, weed infestations…

It also tracks movement of machineries over time or distance by importing GPS data.

6. Purchase Module

It streamlines the purchase process – make requisitions (purchasing order – requisitions), pay bills (invoices – payment advices), keep track of item stock as they arrive and used, and also set Low and High level indicators for different items.

7. Sales Module

It enables sales process of farm produces, from first contact through purchase and post sales.

8. Marketing Module

It delivers marketing automation and multichannel campaign management.

9. Traceability Module

As XD Farm Manager records every single activity of farming, and produce process and cartage, it actually provides a complete produce traceability. 

XD Farm Manager Main Screen:

XD Farm Manager Dashboard: